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Rally for the Roses is a 501c Charity that Battlefield Animal Clinic has started so that we can work with our community to raise funds for the “Roses” out there that have so much fight. They just need a helping hand. We will be able to help pet owners in our community pay for life saving surgeries and treatments that they may otherwise not receive. With the help of our community and sponsors, our long term goal is to be able to help fund an affordable and high quality Spay and Neuter clinic once a month. With this goal, we can further help our community reduce the un-spayed and un-neutered population and as a result, unwanted puppies and kittens.

Roses Story

September 3rd 2015, a young gentleman came walking into our office with a kitten he found in an alley. He was crying because the kitten must have been hit by a car or stepped on and he knew he could not keep her and could not fix her. There must have been some type of injury because her back legs were curled up into little knots. After X-raying her it was discovered that the kitten’s bones did not develop properly. She had no knees and her hip bones were not developed causing severe deformity.

His fear was that she would be euthanized because the damage and deformity was so extensive it was a wonder how she survived this long. He reluctantly surrendered her to the hospital, knowing it was in her best interest.

A staff member took her home for a night to teach her kids about the kindness of the good Samaritan and to show this kitten a night of warmth, and love before being humanely euthanized the next day.

That next morning, after seeing the fight in her through the night, our staff member was determined not to let her go without at least trying to see if she could lead a relatively normal life. Dr. Marron decided that if this kitten could fight this hard for survival, then we would give her our support to help her survive. Now, since we were going to keep this little beauty, so she needed a name. Rose.

During the next couple of months Dr. Marron and Bozena (the surgical assistant at BAC) made one of a kind splints for this little one of a kind girl. Rose amazed us all with how well she got around with them so quickly. She moved so fast! in her splints. During the day she would spend time at the clinic running around. At night she would go home with her foster mom and play with the four cats, three dogs, 10 year old human twins and every other person in the neighborhood who wanted to hold Rose or just to check in on her.

Her story was shared on Facebook, along with the pictures and the videos showing off her “super-cat” courage. She was still a kitten, and loved to play and snuggle with her stuffed animals and foster brother (Colby, a kitten we “borrowed” from one of our rescue partners to help comfort her, and have a friend to play with closer to her own age).

You could not help but smile in the presence of this incredible kitten. She made the world a better place for anyone who met her.

The time came where we had to make the decision on her care, as her legs were not getting any stronger or straighter with her splints. Without her splints it was very painful for her. With a lot of consideration Dr. Marron decided it was time to move forward with a double amputation. Rose was so strong in the front legs, you would often see her running down the halls, in a hand stand position. She would do fine without back legs, as her core strength was able to support her.

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