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Some of our featured pets

  • Bobby Tumbles

    Meet Bobby Tumbles. He is a stray male cat (no microchip or collar) that was hit by a car on g January 3, 2017. A good Samaritan saw this “orange mass” on the side of the very busy 234 during rush hour, and was about to drive by, when she noticed it was moving.

  • Lexy

    Lexy was a 4 year old Boxer presented with distended (very bloated looking) abdomen, lethargy, and was very emaciated.Her owner was not able to afford much, but brought her in to see if we could help.

  • Angel

    Angel is a sweet 9 year old pit bull with a history of mammary tumors. She had them removed successfully when she was spayed in 2014. Unfortunately, she developed another mammary tumor and she would need surgery to remove it.

  • Rosie

    A good samaritan brought Rosie (They had named her Ruthie! How funny!) into Battlefield Animal Clinic as a stray that was hit by a car (no microchip or collar). She was sweet and recently groomed so we posted her story on Facebook in hopes that a family would be found.

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